Book IDC to perform

for your event 

If you are new to booking dancers then we understand how much of a tricky task it can be  


Do not despair as booking IDC to perform at your event has just gotten easier! This  page is designed to give you a  kick start into getting the most out of the dancers you plan to hire. 

First step

Read the information below


Second step 

Contact the IDC team at :  and we shall provide you with a price quote for our services.

What is your event?

eg: showcase, music video,concert, wedding entertainment etc

your budget

In the event of IDC planning a dance show for your event, IDC will need  to know your maximum budget you have set aside for hiring dancers


Where is your event based? Your budget needs to factor travel cost for each performer

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How long do you want your dancers to perform on stage. The longer the performance, the more rehearsal time your dancers will need. This will increase your budget


How many dancers do you intend to use? Dont forget to factor in Costumes, travel, and performance rate for each dancer 


Consider the scale of your event  and your audience. This can effect dynamic of the performance and also the budget.

e.g, a performance in a community park  will require less expenditure on costumes  than a performance for a famous artist


Consider the costumes needed for your event. It is advisable to put a budget towards this although the team aim contribute towards costumes where possible especially for small scale events

When is your event (rehearsl time scales)

How much notice and prepartion are you willing to give?. the grander the scale of the performance, the more preparation needed, this will also effect your budget