HOLIDAYS and excursions - DANCEHALL EPISODE 2019

Last Year Ignition Dance Verona and Shelaine had a blast hosting as Reps for Dancehall Episode 'Goes Spain', Weekender. IDC took 33 people with them on an epic  weekender to join 900+ ravers from all over the world to party at 6 Dancehall episode events in Barcelona over the span of 3 days

Dancehall Episode  is for everyone who has the spirit to dance and enjoy life through good music and social integration. This years Dancehall Episode takes place between 27th September - 30th September. All you have to do is register your details below with  IDC  or contact  the team for more information

" I anticipated a great time but was pleasantly surprised at the amount of maturer people there as well as younger people too. I wasn't expecting to go to all 6 parties, maybe 3 max but ended up having the time of my life at all 6! It was a great balance and mixture of people who just wanted to let their hair down. It was also great to see our clients practise their dance moves in a club setting. great vibes all round, so happy to be a rep again" - Verona 


Dancehall Episode Goes Spain Sept 27th- 29th 2019
Sep 27, 2019, 7:00 PM
Loret Del Mar , Spain

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