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IDC are a small independant company who opperate solely on a shoe string budget. At present IDC are looking for support that will enable dancers to engage in more rehearsal time leading up to performance projects. IDC understand that not everyone is able to support the company every month but would still like to contribute to our fantastic work with a one-off donation.

There is no suggested amount, but to give you an idea:

£20.00 allows us to provide 1hour  for you to take part in one of our workshops

£25 pays for the materials needed to mend costumes need for a performance

£80 pays for the space we need to rehearse for one day


Your support now is more vital than ever. 

Your donation will go towards the running and Performance work of Ignition Dance Company.


IDC are also open to other forms of equal 'energy' exchange so if you have any proposals not matter how small or large please get in contact to discuss possibilities.

Please Call Veronna Patterson to make a donation: 07590 245 689



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