Dance & Performance


IDC  gives people both experienced and non experienced  the opportunity to engage in dance  training and development through dance classes, workshops , collaborations, peroformances, research and development.


The aims of the IDC is to expose and inspire People to a fusion of  dance styles that incorperate strong foundations in the styles of African body movement, Dancehall, Street, Contemporary and Jazz.


IDC's mission is to provide  consistancy in the training/ practise of the following skills;

  • Self development/ empowerment

  • Dance appreciation

  • Choreography,​

  • Team work building,​

  • leadership​

  • Management​

  • Teaching​

  • Social skills​

  • development of dance technique

CAOS Youth

IDC Youth: CAOS Academy


​IDC merges dance with education providing classes, workshops and projects, encouraging personal development through dance.


Improvement of health, personal character, social skills and creativity are all skills which IDC Youth promote through professionally supervised  dance practice.


Members of IDC Youth will learn to transfer skills they learn in an urban dance class environment to every faculty within their lives.


Key skill areas of focus are:

•An 'Every Child Matters'philosophy


•Positive discipline and focus


•Worthiness and self confidence


•Total Self Belief


•Improvement  of health and physical fitness 


•Development of Memory


•Team & individual work skills


•Promotion of initiative


•Co-ordination skills


•Listening skills


•Mind, body and soul connection


•Music interpretation


•Social integration


•Spatial/Self and social awareness

Jamercise Fitness


IDC's mission is to provide a creative outlet in order to release stress.  

In the UK alone the rate of people suffering from emotional traumas and depression remains high.  


You are not alone. Science has proven that physical activity reduces the risk of pre-mature deaths in adults by 20% - 30% and you are up to 50% less likely to be at risk of major chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes.


Jamercise  is designed with the main focus of improving physical fitness in the mind and body. our Practical classes are especially good for:


  • Enhancing emotional, physical and mental well-being

  • Developing a social circle of other like minded individuals

  • Stress and depression

  • People who want to use dance as personal growth

  • Individuals who want to be taught skills in developing movement dynamics and styles

  • Urban music lovers

  • For mature individuals wanting to develop professional skills